Bertrand Schneider


My current research projects can be found at:

Main Projects

Studying in-situ joint visual attention   (2015)

A methodology for capturing moments of joint visual attention between dyads of students in a co-located setting.






EarExplorer   (2013)

A tangible interface for exploring the human hearing system.






Toward Collaboration Sensing   (2013)

Applying social network analyses and machine learning techniques to collaborative eye-tracking data.






Facilitating Joint Visual Attention   (2012)

A eye-tracking environment to facilitate remote collaborations.






Combinatorix   (2012)

A tangible interface that supports collaborative learning of probabilities.






BrainExplorer   (2011)

An augmented small scale brain to prepare students for future learning in neuroscience.






PhyloGenie   (2010)

A collaborative environment for learning phylogenetics.







Tinker Table   (2009)
A tangible user interface for supporting collaborative learning of logistics.







Side Projects

WALDEN   (2012)

A Multi-Surface Multi-Touch Simulation of Climate Change and Species Loss in Thoreau’s Woods.






Changing Classroom Culture   (2012)

A low-cost Phone Clicker project.






Gaze-Based Interaction   (2011)

An attempt at using an eye-tracker as input device.






Perceptual Benefits of Manipulatives   (2011)

An experimental study on the influence of physical objects on spatial problem-solving.






TimeVoyager   (2011)

An IPhone app aimed at increasing students’ awareness of the historical events that happened at their current location.






Fun Projects

Designing for Kids   (2011)

Creating a child’s dream toy.